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Fish premium oil.

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It is a must in any diet. Ensures the intake of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. 100% natural oil, from free fishing of Icelandic origin.

Based on fish from the sardine and herring family (Clupeidae), anchovies (Engraulidae) and mackerel (Scombridae), among others. It contains higher amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids (more than 34%), of which more than 84% are of the EPA and DHA type, essential for dogs and cats.

Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 ratio 14: 1: 3.

With vitamin E of natural origin, an essential antioxidant to maximize all the properties of the oil. In a dark glass bottle, to protect the nutrients from the damaging effect of light. With practical anti-drip nozzle.

Format: 250ml

Supplementation with high quality fish oil is essential in any diet, be it feed, cooked food or natural raw diet.It provides essential Omega 3 fatty acids for your dog or cat, including EPA and DHA. and helps to balance the Omega 3 / Omega 6 ratio.

Omega 3s have endless benefits:

  • They help in inflammation processes, as well as their prevention.
  • They help in pathologies related to the heart, kidneys (eg kidney failure), skin and joints (eg arthritis).
  • They relieve inflammation due to allergies and reduce itchy skin and dandruff.
  • They allow optimal brain development, especially in the fetus and puppies.
  • By containing natural vitamin E, on the one hand, the oil's resistance to oxygen in the air is improved, and on the other, it compensates for the body's extra need for vitamin E for the absorption of fatty acids..


ish oil (sardines, anchovies, herring and mackerel) (99%), natural vitamin E (1%). The oils used for the blend, as well as the high-quality processes, meet all European standards and come from honest sources. The oils are tested to avoid the presence of heavy metals or pesticides.

Analytics constituents

100% crude oils and fats (Omega 3 min 34.6%, EPA min 17.8%, DHA min 11.8%. Ratio Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 14: 1: 3). 900 kcal / 100g


Polyunsaturated fatty acids are sensitive to light and oxygen. High temperatures also accelerate degradation, hence it is important to store in a cold (10-25º) and dark place and always close the bottle well after use. After opening, consume preferably over 6-8 weeks.

Orientative dose

As a starting, we will start with 1 to 2 dessert teaspoons a day for every 10 kilos of body weight. Always mix the oil with food. The need for polyunsaturated fatty acids depends on the size, age, activity and fat content of other foods. It is important to observe the state of our dog and cat and adjust the amount we give them; If the hair has no shine, is flaky or tends to show lumps, we can increase the dose.


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