Stangest Heliovet Sun Cream

Stangest Heliovet Sun Cream

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Sunscreen for cats and dogs. Stangest HelioVet 50 ml sunscreen cream format offers very high protection (SPF50 +) against the four solar radiation, including UVA and UVB rays, infrared and visible light.

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The skin of short-haired or white-haired animals also requires special care, as well as those that have some area temporarily exposed to the sun, either due to dermatological problems, such as allergies or alopecia, or scars due to wounds or surgeries.

Likewise, the incidence of solar rays can vary according to the environment where we move: they increase with altitude due to the reflection of snow, water or sand.

Therefore, it is especially important to protect yourself where sun damage can be most damaging, such as the beach, mountains and snowy areas. The Heliovet sunscreen formula includes its proprietary, naturally-derived Fernblock extract, which, along with green tea, phytosphingosine, and plankton.

These block sun damage and promote the regeneration of the skin barrier, leaving a hydrated and protected skin. It is a fast-absorbing fluid formula that does not leave a white residue and allows dermal perspiration, so it is very comfortable to apply on pets. Thus, dogs and cats can enjoy day to day with total peace of mind and maximum photoprotection.

When to use HelioVet?

Dogs and cats with exposure to direct sunlight: balconies, windows, patios or gardens.

- During outdoor activities:

walks through the city or the countryside, mountains, beach, snow, sports, water activities, etc.

- Of special interest (but not limiting) in short-haired, white-haired and shaved cats and dogs.

- Animals with skin problems that leave areas of skin exposed to the sun: alopecia, allergies, dermatitis, scars ...

- Animals under treatment with photosensitizing drugs: certain NSAIDs, antibiotics, diuretics or antifungals

How to apply Heliovet sunscreen?

It is recommended to apply before exposing to the sun and in case of going to the beach, mountains, places where we are going to spend many hours in the sun, it is essential to reapply the product. Heliovet is waterproof. Quickly absorbed.



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