Barf Lamb & Turkey Menu

Barf Lamb & Turkey Menu

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Delicious full, fresh and multiproteic menu consisting of lamb and turkey.

* Deliveries will be made Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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High in essential fatty acids (good for dry, itchy skin conditions and for pets prone to weight loss).

This menu is indicated for dogs with higher energy needs, active life or athletes.

It contains high levels of iron and zinc, which promote healthy skin and reproductive health. It is a complete alternative for those dogs with allergies to chicken and beef, since all their entrails come only from lamb.

  • Cooked with fresh meat of the highest quality
  • Free by-products, colorants or preservatives.
  • Free flours, cereals or legumes.
  • With natural, balanced and complete ingredients.
  • They cover all the needs of your dog.
  • With 100% national ingredients.



Lamb viscera (heart, liver, kidney and lung) provide all the vitamins, minerals (rich in iron) and taurine, facilitating proper metabolic and cardiac function in healthy animals. Support for convalescent animals or require an extra supply of nutrients.

The lamb trachea supports the maintenance of the joints in good condition, with an additional supply of collagen. Also recommended for dogs with joint problems or for their prevention.

Enriched with green lamb casing, rich in probiotics, it favors a good state and diversity of the intestinal microbiota, with different strains from those commonly found in green beef casing, increasing the variability of healthy probiotics in the intestines of our pets, favorable to maintain a strong and healthy immune system.

As vegetable sources; The carrot is rich in flavonoids and beta carotenes, it provides us with vitamins A, B, C and E. It contains potassium and phosphorus and with a low caloric value and satiating power, it is a source of healthy antioxidants.

The sweet potato provides fiber that helps to preserve a correct intestinal transit and stable blood glucose levels. It is an energy source in the form of complex carbohydrates and high content of carotenes, potassium, vitamin A, C and complex B. With a large amount of water and few calories, they help us in weight loss diets and reverse constipation.

Pear, with a high content of water, vitamins (C, A, B1, B2, B3, E and K), potassium, hypocaloric; increases the palatability of this dish.

The eggshell provides an additional supply of minerals and calcium in carbonate form. Together with the calcium from meaty beef bones, vitamin D and physical exercise, it favors adequate proportions of calcium and phosphorus, giving what our dog's skeleton needs to be healthy and strong.

Brewer's yeast enriches this menu with B vitamins, relevant for obtaining energy, forming blood cells, correct functioning and development of the nervous system and mental state. Preserving thyroid function is essential for the health of our dog.

Seaweed, apart from providing us with minerals, contains iodine, essential for this organ. They complete the mineral requirements on this menu to ensure there are no deficiencies.

Garlic contains allicin and lots of antioxidants. It helps us to prevent parasitization of our dog in a natural way, although it is advisable to carry out frequent parasitological controls complementary to its prevention.

Consult with a nutritionist veterinarian if you have any questions about your pet's diet.



Alternate in the menus to offer a diet as healthy, varied and balanced as possible, ensuring the contribution of nutrients from different sources. None of these menus is designed to treat pathologies, although the prescription of a diet adapted to the needs of your dog by a veterinarian can improve his health, condition and quality of life and our menus can meet those requirements.

If necessary, you can add fresh ingredients and spices to meet your dog's specific requirements, always under the supervision of a nutritionist veterinarian. We recommend supplementing with encapsulated omega 3 fatty acids, to guarantee their stability and maintenance of their properties.


* Shipping and treatment

Shipments are made from Natur Canin with CTT Express in an urgent service from 2:00 p.m. and in a refrigerated vehicle that meets strict safety and hygiene standards, adapted for the mobility of the merchandise, guaranteeing the traceability of raw materials. Preserves the composition, quality and nutritional value.


Deliveries will be made Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until 3:00 pm. Those who enter after 15:00 on Wednesday, will leave the following Monday.

The order is received on the consecutive day of making the payment. So we ask you to stay at home to receive the delivery. Otherwise, it is essential to notify in advance. If the delivery is not successful due to the absence of the client at the delivery address, Neither Natur Canin nor Pet Snack Company S.L. They are responsible for the product being damaged on its return. No refunds.


COMPOSITION: Turkey meaty bone: 37%, turkey lean: 11%, turkey liver and heart: 5%, lamb lean: 10%, lamb heart-liver-kidney and lung: 10%, green lamb tripe : 5%, lamb's trachea: 5%, pear: 5%, carrot: 5%, sweet potato: 3%, parsley: 2%, powdered eggshell, brewer's yeast and garlic: 2%. NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Moisture 60.10%, proteins 14%, fat 12%, total ash 3.45%, carbohydrates 7.80%, crude fiber 0.5%, nutritional value 800KJUL / 100G.


It is recommended to defrost the product in the refrigerator, once it is completely thawed, it can be served to the animal, accompanied by plenty of fresh water, we recommend dressing with a drizzle of olive oil or fish oil. Once the product is thawed, keep in the refrigerator for up to 48 to 72 hours. (just as if it were meat for human consumption).

Orientative daily dose

Weight kg          

Adult Dog

low activity

2% per weight                  

Adult Dog

high activity

3% per weight                

Puppies or moms

5% per weight

1kg a 5kg
10kg a 15kg
20kg a 25kg
30kg a 35kg
40kg a 45kg
50kg a 55kg
20g a 100g
200g a 300g
400g a 500g
600g a 700g
800g a 900g
1000g a 1100g
30g a 150g
300g a 450g
600g a 750g
900g a 1050g
1200g a 1350g
1500g a 1650g
50g a 250g
500g a 750g
1000g a 1250g
1500g a 1750g
2000g a 2250g
2500g a 2750g


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